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traipse v : walk or tramp about [syn: shlep]

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  1. A long or tiring walk.
    It was a long traipse uphill all the way home.



  1. To walk about; to gad.
    We traipsed from one shoeshop to another.
  2. To walk about or over (a place).
    We traipsed the town looking for shoes.


Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

airing, amble, ambulate, ankle, barge, bat around, bowl along, bum, bundle, circumambulate, claudicate, clump, constitutional, count ties, crawl, creep, divagate, dogtrot, dowdy, drab, drag, drag along, drag out, draggle, drift, flit, flounce, foot, foot it, footslog, forced march, gad, gad about, gallivant, go about, go dead slow, go slow, go the rounds, halt, hike, hippety-hop, hit the road, hit the trail, hitch, hobble, hobo, hoof, hoof it, hop, idle, inch, inch along, jaunt, jaywalk, jog, jog on, jog-trot, jolt, jump, knock about, knock around, laze, leg, leg it, limp, lumber, lunge, lurch, march, meander, mince, mooch, mosey, mush, nomadize, pace, pad, paddle, parade, pedestrianize, peg, perambulate, peregrinate, pererrate, peripatetic journey, peripateticate, peripateticism, piaffe, piaffer, plod, poke, poke along, prance, promenade, prowl, rack, ramble, range, roam, roll, rove, run about, sashay, saunter, schlep, scuff, scuffle, scuttle, shamble, shuffle, shuffle along, sidle, single-foot, skip, slink, slither, slog, slouch, slut, stagger, stagger along, stalk, stamp, step, stomp, straddle, straggle, stray, stretch, stride, stroll, strut, stump, stump it, swagger, swing, tittup, toddle, toddle along, totter, totter along, trail, tramp, tread, trip, troop, trudge, turn, vagabond, vagabondize, waddle, walk, walk the tracks, walking tour, wamble, wander, wayfare, wiggle, wobble, worm, worm along
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